Thursday, August 23, 2018

This has been yet another busy season in the world of Face Painting. It's always fun to see the smiles when people see themselves in the mirror. Often there are a few top contenders for most requested face paint like tiger or butterfly or fox, however this year, most requested face is UNICORN! three times as many requests then any other design. So I thought I would share a few of my unicorn faces from this year or two. Also a few other faces I  like, that may not be unicorns, but are still fun.

small and simple unicorn

unicorn and fox

Unicorn Butterfly- 3D horns cost extra

And for one of my daughters birthdays I made her a super deluxe unicorn balloon, which I don't sell because it takes to long to make. I do have smaller Line type balloon unicorns however I couldn't find the pictures for my smaller unicorns since they are buried somewhere deep in my files.
Delux Ballon Unicorn  - Not-for-sale