Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sept. 25th Farmers Market

Well, I was trying some new things, since I just got back from Living canvas. I did this funky tiger variation on myself, and cliped in a couple cat ears to my hair for fun. I also tried my hand on a variation of Christina's dragon, but I think I still need more work on it.
The Story behind the dragon was interesting. It was her brother's 4th Birthday, and she needed to be a dragon for one of the games/ they were doing. I wish I could have seen the birthday boy's face when he saw his sister.....

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Living Canvas- Last day

So Started Off with Christina Davison's Class, "Turning on the switches". Everybody got to make comments and contribute, though I hope I didn't contribute too much. It was a fun class, and nice to be able to share tips and the like. There was only one class period of the day. Following that, there was a simple compitition.
You were supposed to use things you'd learned during the convention. So I worked on 3-d type shading on a frog that I picked up in Christina's, and Mark's classes, and threw in a lily because it was covered in the flower class, though I've done lily's before. I was painting on Alana, from alemeda? then we swapped and she did a lovey lotus design on me. Pictured here....Nither of us placed, but then we didn't have as much time as other people.
Afterwards, I grabbed a shuttle to the airport, where I met up with Nancy, and we chatted about the convention, and had fun comparing pictures, til Nancy's flight boarded(we were at the same gate, though on different flights). Got tons of compliments on Alana's work, at the airports, and from my family etc...Got home and slept.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Living Canvas convention - Day 2

Well, things got a little mixed up, but that happens sometimes. I had resolved to be in the same class for the entire morning, to make sure I got a good seat for the Mark Reid's Class, which was the 3rd class. The first class was Carol Miner's Class on Flowers. Since it was a hands on class, I had the opportunity to show those around me, my  variation on the rose, and ended up doing a tutorial on it. On the second Class was supposed to be Gary Cole's 10 most popular, but they swapped the rooms with Gen Keller's color explosion. My legs were aching at this point, so I walked between the 2 classes, as I stretched out my legs, vonvienently getting the best of both classes. Then it was mark reid's turn for "Basic Mark" A great class over all, a bit on the loud side....I ended up walking around in the back to keep my legs from getting too tired.
After that class we had Lunch Break, so I went to room 3 to mark my spot for Christina' Davison's class. The amaizing Christina showed up too, so we Helped her arrainge her room to her liking(as well as making sure I had a great spot, then we all went off for food.  Christina's Class was my absolute favoritest of the entire convention. She showed us some great designs including a fairy design. I was the lucky model on that one. Pictured here with Christina. She also covered dragons, assemtrical designs, and fur/puppy, and tips for making things extra cute...and a bunch of other awesome stuff.
Following that I decided to do another Lisa Smiley class of "monsters and more". This time she was taking her time and doing more complicated faces, which featured more detail. Followed by Ellen Dawson's bring your character to life. Ellen spent the entire class on one design, and while it had different textures and stuff, I ended up being relatively bored.
After that class, I discovered Mark reid and Christina Davison were out in the courtyard painting a pregnant lady. Mark was doing the tummy, and Christina was doing the face. so I watched that for a while. amaizing what you can learn just by watching someone really good, even if there isn't a narrative going on. After that, Christina did a mask on another lady, and jest kept adding on, and on, and wow, she is like the queen of embellishment, and really seems to enjoy just the painting, almost like!
Then Christina and I skibbled off to dinner, we were going for Indian, but Ended up eating chinese. We skibbled back and got a bunch of jelous looks at our food. then the Jam started. It was better then Mondays jam. more people too. Dutch was cranky out some amaizingly detailed stuff. and marcellla was in the back doing uber Bling. There were even some 8 and 9 year olds doing painting, lots going on. I taught Christina how I do my roses. She then took it and Made it even more awesome, Christina just makes everything look more detailedand lifelike. I was also doing the rose tutorial for others. However it got late, so I wandered off to my room, which had locked me out, so I went back and found out my roomates had gotten new keys, and got the right one then headed back. I stopped by Christina's room because she was guarding my stuff while I was looking for the right key. Then went to bed, it was a great but exhausting day.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Living Canvas - Day One and the previous

Flew out on a airplane on the 19th with a very blind Valerie. She was one of my room-mates for the convention, and because of a recent stroke and a few other things, she is blind...but she still face paints. So I was her seeing eye person at the airports.We had some down time and a meet and greet that evening. Our other roommate got in late, due to plane delays.
Monday started out a bit rocky, and since there had been issues with our room, we ended up switching rooms first thing in the morning. took Nancye Edison's class 1st on simplifying, then off to Jodi carr's class on eye designs. Had a nice lunch @ subway, and got some soup. After lunch I was in Kristen Scotts class "magickial faces" in which I was a model, and got painted as a green fairy. She also mentioned that she loved my lips :) Second class of the afternoon was Gen Keller "Bold and fun tribals" followed by Lisa Smiley's "super hero class. all about fast faces in super hero mode. Dinner, went back to subway for a sandwitch.
After dinner, we mini-jammed, and Blind Valerie painted my arm.
Disclaimer: Facepainting pictures on this post were not done by me, however they were painted on me

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Apple Days, etc...

Saturday was a busy day! I started off at Farmer's Market and finally got to paint a Luigi, to go along with the Mario that is already in my book. It was pretty chilly for most of the Market.
Afterwards, I went home for a brief lunch, then it was off to set up for the River Heights "Apple Days"( It was a lot of fun, and even though the River Heights royalty was doing free "facepainting", I was pretty busy. I'm posting a picture of a cute kid, who wanted something real "manly" so did a little tribal on him. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Birthday Fun

Had a birthday party today. I love birthday parties, because it's so fun to individualize each design to each girl. Also did this lovely rose desin on the mom :)
Busy painting day tomarrow, so I must get some sleep. Night all.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

water and dino's

So, I was getting set up, and just as i realized I left my water in the car, I got my first client of the day. After that I was too worried about leaving my booth, so I got one of my good little vendor friends to run and grab it for me, which was good, because I was seriously thirsty.  I then thanked her by painting her up as a fox.
the second picture, was a little lady who wanted my simple brontosaur.  Her purple Brontosaur is on the other cheek, and is not viewable in this picture.  Ayway, appearently her dream in life is to be a palientologist, and work with dinosaurs. after painting her little sister, I asked if she would like to be a model for my book(because i needed a girl tricerotops. (I already have a boy one)) anyway, both were fun designs to do, so I thought I'd share them.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm a face Painter

This is my 3rd summer doing face painting at Cache Valley Gardeners Market. I also do birthday parties, weddings, reunions, library events, fairs, etc....I love Face painting! It's a joy to create an awesome design on someone's face and then to see their expression when they look at themselves in the mirror. I, of course, use the most awesome face paint in the world, Snazaroo, which is both FDA and EU compliant, it's: hypo-allergenic, washes off with ease, and is the only professional face paint that has a "toy child safety rating"- Basically I use the safest paint I can find.

Come and visit my booth at the market most Saturdays between 9am-1pm.