Friday, October 22, 2010

I was in Cache Magazine

Cache Magazine is a weekly publication that shows up in our newspaper every Friday. I had hoped they would do an article on safe I sent in a few examples of my work. Didn't have space for the safety tips so I'm posting them here on my blog.

Unlike masks, face paint won't interfere with your peripheral vision, or breathing. You can also find professional face paint here in Cache valley. I use the brand "Snazaroo" which is the worlds safest face paint. you can find small packages of this brand at Michael's or at HobbyLobby.

Important safety points about face painting
** Always use a product that is FDA compliant for use on skin.** (should have an ingredient list)
* Always follow the directions on the product.
* If you have sensitive skin do a patch test on the inside elbow area for 20 minutes.
* Wash with FDA compliant facial cleanser or tear free baby shampoo.
* non-toxic doesn't mean it's safe to put on skin, it just means if you follow the directions on the packaging that it shouldn't kill you.
* Check for shelf life on the products you are using.
* use good hygiene practices, only paint clean areas. Never paint over broken skin.
** Never use Acrylic paint on Skin **

Please be safe this Halloween.


  1. It was so fun seeing your face painting the in magazine!

    Good reminders, especially with Halloween around the corner. Thank you for the safety tips!

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