Saturday, October 16, 2010

Last Gardener's Market of the 2010 season

There is always a bit of sadness at the end of the Gardner's market season, I'll miss all my cute regulars that I have painted just about every week. I'll miss chatting with the other vendors. I'll miss the nice breeze that frooze me on some mornings and brought relief on others. I'll miss the tree I try to be under most times.
Luckily, There will still be birthdays and Halloween and Christmas events coming up, so I'll still get to paint and bring smiles to faces of all ages, but it won't be as regular...though hopefully I can work on some new designs for next years season.
Since I just took a workshop from Pashur, I thought I'd try my hand at his dragon variation. I think it came out pretty great. I'm also sharing a picture of dracula I did...I added a few webs/spider to add some interest to the face....he loved it. Turns out dracula here is the brother of the dragon girl I did a few weeks ago.

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  1. How fun to get to work on regulars and relatives throughout the year. They'll be looking forward to you next summer, I'm sure.