Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sept. 25th Farmers Market

Well, I was trying some new things, since I just got back from Living canvas. I did this funky tiger variation on myself, and cliped in a couple cat ears to my hair for fun. I also tried my hand on a variation of Christina's dragon, but I think I still need more work on it.
The Story behind the dragon was interesting. It was her brother's 4th Birthday, and she needed to be a dragon for one of the games/ they were doing. I wish I could have seen the birthday boy's face when he saw his sister.....


  1. Nice job! It's fun to see how you incoperate the new tips learned into your own designs.

    Oh, and you make a cute cat girl. ;->

  2. I was doing a search for my own website here in Australia and I stumbled upon yours. Do you have a utube channel as I really like your facepainting.

    Cheers and Merry Christmas
    Miss Mary
    Sydney, Oz