Saturday, September 4, 2010

water and dino's

So, I was getting set up, and just as i realized I left my water in the car, I got my first client of the day. After that I was too worried about leaving my booth, so I got one of my good little vendor friends to run and grab it for me, which was good, because I was seriously thirsty.  I then thanked her by painting her up as a fox.
the second picture, was a little lady who wanted my simple brontosaur.  Her purple Brontosaur is on the other cheek, and is not viewable in this picture.  Ayway, appearently her dream in life is to be a palientologist, and work with dinosaurs. after painting her little sister, I asked if she would like to be a model for my book(because i needed a girl tricerotops. (I already have a boy one)) anyway, both were fun designs to do, so I thought I'd share them.

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