Monday, September 20, 2010

Living Canvas - Day One and the previous

Flew out on a airplane on the 19th with a very blind Valerie. She was one of my room-mates for the convention, and because of a recent stroke and a few other things, she is blind...but she still face paints. So I was her seeing eye person at the airports.We had some down time and a meet and greet that evening. Our other roommate got in late, due to plane delays.
Monday started out a bit rocky, and since there had been issues with our room, we ended up switching rooms first thing in the morning. took Nancye Edison's class 1st on simplifying, then off to Jodi carr's class on eye designs. Had a nice lunch @ subway, and got some soup. After lunch I was in Kristen Scotts class "magickial faces" in which I was a model, and got painted as a green fairy. She also mentioned that she loved my lips :) Second class of the afternoon was Gen Keller "Bold and fun tribals" followed by Lisa Smiley's "super hero class. all about fast faces in super hero mode. Dinner, went back to subway for a sandwitch.
After dinner, we mini-jammed, and Blind Valerie painted my arm.
Disclaimer: Facepainting pictures on this post were not done by me, however they were painted on me

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  1. Sounds like quite an adventure. And you look LOVELY! It's amazing to see what complex and delicate designs can be done with face/skin paint.

    Here's hoping the rest of the Living Canvas trip went smoothly.