Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Living Canvas- Last day

So Started Off with Christina Davison's Class, "Turning on the switches". Everybody got to make comments and contribute, though I hope I didn't contribute too much. It was a fun class, and nice to be able to share tips and the like. There was only one class period of the day. Following that, there was a simple compitition.
You were supposed to use things you'd learned during the convention. So I worked on 3-d type shading on a frog that I picked up in Christina's, and Mark's classes, and threw in a lily because it was covered in the flower class, though I've done lily's before. I was painting on Alana, from alemeda? then we swapped and she did a lovey lotus design on me. Pictured here....Nither of us placed, but then we didn't have as much time as other people.
Afterwards, I grabbed a shuttle to the airport, where I met up with Nancy, and we chatted about the convention, and had fun comparing pictures, til Nancy's flight boarded(we were at the same gate, though on different flights). Got tons of compliments on Alana's work, at the airports, and from my family etc...Got home and slept.

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  1. The frog looks so cute! The shading did a great job making it pop out more. And you always have looked as lovely as a flower.